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Walk the Plank VR Experience

Could you get off the Board 500 feet in the sky? Learn to conquer your fear of heights with virtual reality and the Walk The Plank experience. Go and try!

One of the best VR group games, Walk The Plank Experience, finally came out on PSVR last week. But, incredibly, the developer of Toast is now warning some people against buying it.

The Studio reached out to Reddit this week after some backlash related to the console version of the game, which forces players to experience their fear of heights by physically walking across a virtual whiteboard on a skyscraper. In the American PlayStation Store, the average user rating is two and a half stars, and in the EU – only two stars. But on Steam, where the game was released last year, it has a user rating of “Very positive.” Obviously something is going on, and I’m not talking about a walk on the Board.

We have developed Walk The Plank Experience specifically for the entertainment of your friends and family. It’s a useful experience to identify when you have visitors or parties, ” the developer wrote in r / PSVR. “So if you’re not planning on using it for this, it’s probably not for you. Please don’t buy this! It’s not a game you can play for hours on your own.”

The note implies that people complained about the price tag of $ 14.99 (the same as on Steam). We haven’t seen any comments for ourselves, but suspect PSVR owners might have been caught off guard by the game’s emphasis on what Toast calls a Real Plank feature. This allows you to put the Board into play space, measure it, enter those measurements into the game, and then walk through a nearly identical copy to maintain immersion.

Without a Board, the game is significantly less convincing, and we somehow doubt that many players have wooden plates (my Rock Band equipment takes up enough space). So the problem with Toast is to let people know about it before they buy the game.

Before you buy our product, we strongly recommend that you think about whether Walk The Plank Experience is right for you!”- concluded the developer. “Follow the reactions of your friends and family members – that’s where the value is, and if the bar does not scare them, the flight can impress them.

The flagship smart phone from the house of Samsung that everyone is looking forward to

Samsung has released new flagship smart phones every year. And the main one is not only in the Samsung line, but also among all Android smart phones in general, given the company’s dominant position. No other manufacturer can compete with Samsung in the number of devices sold. But the quantity and quality do not always coincide, let’s take a closer look at the GALAXY S5 model , which we managed to get before the start of sales, and see how high quality it came out and whether it was worth buying. In order to know more about Samsung Galaxy S5, you can always take the help of the internet.

To the top

At the moment there are two undoubted leaders in the Smartphone market, which are Samsung and Apple. In many ways, they have achieved such results through marketing efforts. But the products of each of the companies are very interesting. The approach is completely different. If Apple focuses on design and ecosystem, then Samsung is at the forefront of performance. The new GALAXY S5 did not become an exception to this rule. The main interest is still technical parameters. Compared to last year’s GALAXY S4, there are a lot of new things. A fingerprint scanner has appeared, protection against moisture has been added, and there is a new energy saving mode (how it works   see the photo below). And these are just the main changes, a lot of minor modifications, especially on software. But the appearance of smart phones is traditionally not a strong place of the Samsung mobile unit. In this they are inferior not only to the iPhone, but also to other Android manufacturers   HTC, Sony, etc. Let’s see how fully Koreans were able to take into account the mistakes of previous versions in the new flagship.

The incredible ergonomic design

Appearance GALAXY S5   this is what was discussed after the official announcement in Barcelona most. And in general, opinions were not at all positive. Indeed, the new flagship of Samsung turned out to be very controversial in design and materials. The case is plastic, and the back cover is rubberized and with a texture, either under a plaster, or under a Zhiguli salon, or under Nexus 7. In any case, against the cool exterior of Apple, HTC, Sony and other flagships, this Samsung design looks cheap. Later, a premium version will appear, but for now we have what we have. In my opinion, appearance is the main drawback of the GALAXY S5.  Samsung had to increase the frame because of the rubber layer (it was the same in the Sony Xperia Z1). The next generation of Sony (model Xperia Z2) got rid of this drawback due to the new frame design. Koreans went the same way by GALAXY S4 Active and as a result, the frame is not only larger than that of Sony, but even more than last year’s GALAXY S4. This is a fee for moisture protection. This also includes the speaker, it is quieter and lower quality compared to the GALAXY S4 (not to mention the HTC One).