No Samsung’s Galaxy S8 at Mobile World Congress in 2017

Samsung has utilized the Mobile World Congress trade exhibition in Barcelona annually since the last three years. The company used to promote its newest Galaxy S smartphone. However, it won’t be done this year. According to the company’s chief, DJ Koh as reported by Reuters, it won’t get the S8 in draw.

Samsung Galaxy S8 MWC 2017

Koh didn’t mention the time of the phone launching because the company is considering the manufacturing problems leading to the Note 7 misfortune. Today, Samsung has already released eight-ways to check battery safely in the upcoming products; they will be also more spacious designs around the battery including the new protecting brackets around the battery.

As rumored about the S8, it will be all-screen with Al assistant and dedicated button, but no headphone jack; it is planned as late as April.

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